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Backpacker’s Paradise

When I set up www.DeuterOnline.com about 9 months back, little did I realise that it was going to grow to what it is today. At last count, I’ve sold more than 500 backpacks and there are more than 900 facebook fans todate. With that in mind, I’ve been actively searching …

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Deuter Online Store

We all know that prices of goods have increased tremendously and coupled with stagnating income levels, many people are finding it harder to afford the costs of living in Malaysia. So do we just fret and sulk about it? No. We find ways and means to increase our income …

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Malaysian Budget 2011

This is a highlight of the important points on Malaysian Budget 2011 as presented by the Prime Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Najib bin Tun Razak. Please refresh this page for updates on the Malaysian Budget 2011. as sourced from the Star.

Several PPP projects identified under the 10MP will be …

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It’s Not a Trivial Matter

The debates on the usage of the word “Allah” have intensified following the High Court ruling on 31st December 09 which reversed the Home Ministry’s ban on The Herald and permitted the latter its Constitutional right to use the terminology “Allah” in its weekly publication. Predictably, the Home Ministry has …

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A Stinking Publicity Stunt

Who are the police to kid this time around? When the media highlights the inhumane “canine” treatment Ah Longs gave to 3 borrowers recently, the police again came under pressure from the public and organisations to get their act together to stop the evils of illegal moneylending. This led to …

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At whose expense?

The most watched news in Malaysia today is not whether the government is coming up with further strategies or actions to keep the country in good stead in the midst of the current economic crisis which is slowly paralysing the world. Rather, most eyes are tuned to whether the current …

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